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Meaning of word “Bahu” …..

Bahu… My First Post..

This is FakeIndianBBahu ….After lots of internal turmoil after my marriage that never went out , no matter what , Now I have picked up the courage to write my own blog, tweet in guise and available on facebook , People ready to contact me should check my tweet and facebook.

My FIL Khusat Khapanchi , who is showing all his alhad jawani and Bachpan in pachpan  ,is already having all sorts of accounts in all XYZ places and all the folks of his era might just be following him.Whatever stuff he might be stirring out must be true ambrosia for his types.And my MIL , Maya Jhagodi I do not know when will she have a smile on her face in any of the photos.Hope she doesnt get to read these post , else there will be all type of ruckus and her typical Kaanna kaati in the house(better call her Kaanna Katili).Khusat Khapanchi works behind the scenes to help her.And the great Bhatka Jhatka my DH.Bhatka Jhatka because immediately after marriage in ek  Jhatke mein Bhatak Gaya( in one moment he changed and lost his love for me).. Ofcourse in MIL and his Family side.

Well meaning of Bahu(distorted version bahut) : what I understood after my almost 4 years marriage.It is exactly the same as in Sanskrit / Hindi / Marathi/Bengali/Gujarati/Punjabi too.. ( you know after all the language classes needed in this famous city): It means Many.

Why This name given to  DIL : She is expected to do many things , handle many mad people, have many tasks on her to handle , and finally have Bahu-t bad image.She is Bahu Ayami , She is bahu-t batamiz , she is has to take wrath of many… So that is enough…

I am more than amazed at how we the B Bahu do the act of overbalancing with the Inlaws petrifying ways and our careers and our needs and wishes in today’s world where we have our own identity OR Should I not call it overkilling acts on ourselves.

Even if we are from a very good families elements similar to characters of Bindus and Lalita Pawars are existing in our families , they have their own ways of creating problems.

So this post is only the introductory , probably boring like the preface of a book.Wait for the saga to unfold and new characters to enter…………………And ………………………………….Guess me not !

Yours hated,FakeIndianBBahu…

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned in this post are fictional. Any resemblance to any person or thing living or dead is purely coincidental.


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  1. hi, so this is yr first post Bahu.I did not know themeaning of Bahu meaning many, but yes so true.

    Good one, yes it is very hard to adjust to so many new characters in the new family and it requires a lot of patience from the Bahu.

    Hope all goes well in the future.



    Comment by kamalji | September 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. Is this Ash…

    Comment by rachel | September 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. Heyyy… I am in a dilemma how to address you at the moment. I will stick to Inc for now. Do you really want us to start guessing with each post?? GUESS ME NOT sounds to me as GUESS ME WHO AM I? 🙂

    Once again I think it is good that you started a blog of your own. A place where you can just be out with your thoughts with no care for anyone. I mean this in a nice way. A good release to all pent up emotions and thoughts. It takes courage to do something like this. Compared to the number of people who blog, there are probably the same number of people who are hesitant to express anything anywhere and all locked up in their heads. Keep them going for your own good.

    The meaning of “bahu” – well I don’t know what to say……..

    Comment by knot2share | October 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment !! You can address me either Inc or FB…

      Comment by fakeindianbbahu | October 5, 2010 | Reply

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