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My Father came to my home , only when I threatened to break all ties with him…
For my many yrs long marriage , I have been asking him to come.He always said he will come , but never came.

He got retired , was physically ok , not best..with time he started getting knee problems , foot swelling etc….So he said he cannot come..he also feared my bad mouthed MIL[,which luckily my MIL speaks properly now as my father and mother really bow heavily for her respect].But He went to my brothers place , my sis also in near by area , so no issue for her too…But me , I am too far to him to meet , out of my office schedule and my sons schooling etc once or may be once in 2 yrs…

This time , it was make or break , I didnt ever wanted to use this options , this was my last resort ..well I do not know why people make me use the last resort , I hate it , maybe I always try in subtle manner first for very very long, may be people take me for granted because of that…Well Now I am a diff personality , I have learnt how to handle relations where people do not take me for granted and also dont take me as a fool.Well I was very sensitive to everyone..Ofcourse to parents yes….

Anyways … we had a gala time , I tried doing everything what he liked …and my son too enjoyed..
Yesterday , we left him in the train , said a bye…my heart is having a feeling of void ..Something pinching me …I know that I can never stay with them forever or they can stay with me forever , as I am a married daughter…..

My father during his visit said to my DH , ” I have one regret that I was away in another city when my mother died, since travelling took time , I couldnot even perform her last rites…”
I felt horrible , I just pitched in replied to my father ..” You are a man/son , you have the right to even show your regret.But it is nothing new , we daughters never get to do that , even though we badly yearn for it at that moment , and what more , we do not even have the right to show the regret”…

I am feeling very empty …I know I cannot visit my parents often..I wish I was a boy..since I cannot change this society in this lifetime…………………………………… …….


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