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This topic came up from the post by : Gopalan1937@IndusLadies : Fake Doctors , fake medicines ,
Yeah , Quacks are around…I do not support that, specially in life related matters….I totally endorse what he says , but life has another interesting aspect………a story

Interestingly I knew of a person who worked in Engineering Research field for years , I was talking to him , he confided..that he simply a 10th pass..
And you know what he has 7 patents in his name…that is 10 yrs back , I have heard they are hundreds by now…
He said no one was willing to give me job even though he had talent…He tried convincing with truth …but only his fake degree helped him…Anyways he has been bestowed with honorary Doctorate…..

I am not sure if 3 idiots is inspired by him …. ????

I know many of people who studied from cropped up donation Engineering colleges in Maharashtra and they cannot even explain simple electronics…

I dont know what is value of a degree stamp…if even though people have it are equivalent to fake degrees…

I have some questions :

1. What  is the use of a Degree stamp , if a person cannot use that education ….Infact mal-uses , infact is a real dumbo despite the education…

2. Why does a person need a degree stamp even though he has shown his capabilities more than any degree holder for success / promotion…HR always used this silly point..

3. Based on above to questions : do you think our mind set and testing ways needs a change in job industry, HR …to rightly access a capability and utilise it for mutual benefit ????

4.????????????????????What is the meaning of education to you?????

I know many people will say , then how do we differentiate in this big crowd… ?
My answer please continue looking at degrees etc , but if a person approcahes you will a special skill and more capabilities despite degree stamp , DO NOT SHUN HIM/HER AWAY…act judiciously , not like a plain robot…use your brain , give that person same set of interview papers that you give to higher degree folks , See how he/she performs..BOSSES – KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN….GIVE HIM/HER THE PROPER DESERVED SUCCESS/INCENTIVE….


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