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I Felt Horrible..

I Felt Horrible..

Today , I picked up my son from the bus.He had a chocolate in his hand…I was taking him home ,and a 10 yr old boy tapped my back..Aunty he has taken my friends Chocolate…I was like give it back baby..But the boy whose chocolate he had taken was saying “let him take aunty…I thought he would like to eat …But he didnt”, I said “he doesnt like chocolate either..”
So I asked the boy his home address …The moment he told me that I felt horrible…
Last year a mother of 2 kids had done a suicide…out of what I dont know , I didnt either speculate as almost all folks were doing in my locality…It was the same flat…

I immediately packed some chocs and jellies which were there in my house which my sister gifted here…
I went to the house , I gave it to the child , he was so calm and not ready to accept, he had a younger sis, very cute just like all kids…I just asked thier names ..said ” you are the sweetest kids who shared with so much love…”

I am feeling horrible…
Why in the world that mother leave the kids to live a motherless life purposely…she was so selfish to not bother about them but only her whatsoever miseries…People educated and well to do should be able to fight all odds , no need of DH too , “if” he is the perpetrator/problem creator…
I have seen people with worst of state but still fighting out strongly…
I have never seen children from orphanage who get no good in their life going for suicide…
I have never seen poor people going for suicide…
Only happy and satisfied people who loose what they had ,go for suicide…Cant they fight back , cant they resurrect life in a new way…….???, cant they just accept that good and bad times are part of life and we have to strive/fight to make it good and not keep on comparing to others life..cant they value this one life and others only innocent life …


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