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Jeans NOT allowed for Daughter In law..

Jeans NOT allowed for Daughter In law..

I had a love marriage was getting married to my colleague, who was very fond of me , my attitude and everything , I also found him a match to me.

We got engaged and came my InLaws to visit us before marriage in my place I was living.

“Oh , you are wearing jeans , We do not like it. You will have to stop wearing it. … It is considered very bad in our place … You know when men walk if they see a girl in jeans they keep their eyes down ,as it such a shameful act.”…ha ha ha , that place is one of the many modern places…and most bollywood Items Number Dancers exist from that very place.

My hubby said these are just initial things of love marriage , dont wear in front of them , piche se sab chalta hai…If he would have not supported me , I would have broken the engagement…

So what is the big issue : “Jeans”…NAA….

It is something else……………

I know this is the most common topic when girls get married.Will they allow me to wear what I like? The question is not so simple . It has hidden layers.
Basically it means more
Will I have my freedom after marriage?
Will I be allowed to take my decisions ?
Will there be respect for my thoughts ?
Will I be always expected to be docile ?
Will I always be expected to be dependent?

For inlaws and men : Jeans symbolises more than just what she wears.

You see it more decent than saree , which makes your midriff and navel bare,still it is more indecent… well I asked the question to MIL , why is she so much against jeans as it very decent dress , covering all parts of your body similar or better than a tight chuddidar bottom and short deep neck kurta & also considering that men , fat,small,big ,thin etc all wear it for comfort..like hopping on to a bus , walking , running , cold weather , [ a freind of mine said jeans makes it easy for her to kick the men in the right place , probably that is their scare of life LOL …] etc etc She was not able to answer , next day she came with a shameful and a cheap reply… The stitch on the jeans depicts the vagina…., OMG that lady…

So back to the topic by wearing JEANS is the epitome of modernity as per these too negatively deep analysing population of India, the act is seen as a threat , threat to their control and rule …The same set of people (ex: my MIL) when her daughter wears jeans , it is a new trend she is following , she is modern girl….whoof whoof…. I didnt take that well..

Isn’t it such a shame that a epitome control is so high that a person is left alone to even decide what she wears or not despite the fact that she is educated OR adult OR mature to take her own decisions…

Here comes the The biggest slap on our society -a clip from newspaper :Mumbai college bans jeans for girls – institution with bias , what do people learn from this , they quote such examples in their defense for the utter crap.

These are very simple , easy and basic representations of bias against women by both men and women.. The levels goes very high in all other more ego challenging things..


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  1. Hm… Your story is just so similar to mine. I am not allowed to wer jeans as well. neither in the house nor outside.

    The daughter inspite of the fact that she is like a fat teddy bear flaunts her ass in the jeans and parents do not have any issue in that.

    I hate the narrow mindedness of the people (My inlaws) and presently I stay away from them so whenever I have to meet them it really suffocates me.

    I can’t understand y do u need to control an individual???

    Comment by Shalini | July 24, 2012 | Reply

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