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Only My culture is the best culture…read..on….

Only My culture is the best culture…read..on….

Only My Culture is the best Culture…what is her/their culture..These are the Famous Lines from my MIL to my DH, when trying to downplay my habits / way of living / even my wish to celebrate my festivals ….

So how many people have these views that their culture , their religion , their practices are the best ….

Just an excerpt from my post to an OP…Where some quotes are used very carelessly and not valid in present world..Also these quotes are used as a defence for downplaying others…May be not much in case of this OP..for sure , but by many half baked folks with Non-open thoughts….

Disclaimer : This below example is just an Example and has no intentions what so ever to demean any specific people or their culture.It is respected equally as all cultures in India….

” What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow” , not appreciating this quote at all . It is quiet demeaning to rest of all.It is also very presumptuous and audacious with lots of hints of arrogance.
Let me tell you this sends the most horrible signal around , especially if you out of your regional state with this mindset.Rest discussions and everything is fine.It is appreciated but not by means of demeaning others.I have been around the whole India , I have seen that each state culture religion cast creed color etc etc has its pros and cons..They are very high thinkers in lowest of strata to highest. We have to have a normal down to earth mindset and behave and treat every one equal and with respect without presuming things about other or self .. neither can we generalise anybody/any culture/anything.. Lets not be part of spreading more regionalism in India.
This quote can be just proven wrong easily by many , this quote has no more value , may be once the best in its times.

I was just wondering , how we people get to fight with with other within a family , within a society, within a city , within a country , within this world….and here was the answer !!!!!!!


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