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Superstitions, Customs , Tradition…

Superstitions, Customs , Tradition…

Everyday when ever I do something or anything , I get reminded of something… Today I was reminded by going to loo , now u folks must be thinking , wow !! something in this too … Yeah…

That something is my MIL after marriage bombarded me with all absurd , irritating , irrational superstition/ ritual/tradition/beliefs.Which did not leave literally any aspect of my life untouched…

It totally blew my lid off in terms of logic and humanity…
They are so much irritating and life spoiler..

Are you also irritated like me … ??
Do you think we have to come out of it ?
Do you also have a list of them , please share…

So this time reminded me and i worte this post was : I went to loo.. and I remember she has a ritual for that too … LOL

My MIL beleives in all soughts of superstition and practices which have no logical explaination even if there is an explanation that is itself illogical …

I am a true non believer of superstitions AND Practices that by no way on this earth you can justify its practice in present times.

If you want my MIL list it is never ending.
ex :

  • Calling after a person leaves home
  • Keeping left leg out first from the door
  • Not keeping food ready for a person who is not in home
  • Touching anything during periods
  • Touching god during periods
  • Cleaning whole table/place where rice utensil is touched without any rice falling there.
  • Removing all clothes before going to toilet
  • Pray to god without clothes OR Change to new clothes before touching god.
  • Wearing jeans as it is divided wear and the stitch depicts the vagina…LOL on the crap
  • and Saree even without blouse is a decent dress
  • Talking and dealing with any intellectual stuff or any men related stuff in front of FIL.
  • Not travelling on certain days.
  • Not using shampoos on thursday
  • One should not vomit in pregnancy that is sign of intolerance.
  • PostPartum Untouchability..This was the most sick and horrible thing she did.
  • call jaat ka nai only for cutting nails, ask his jaat(caste) etc
  • Tying hairs before delivery and open it at just point of delivery ..My doc was pissed
  • Take 5kgs ghee atleast after delivery.
  • Squeeze milk from breast out side house when coming back from delivery …(crap)
  • Throw away initial 5 days colostrum
  • Not to touch a grain of rice/vegetable/fruit etc etc before Annaprashan to child by mistake also.Even though doc advised little solid food early as I was working..
  • Not to treat son-in-law as son..
  • Casteism – staunch believer..
  • Gender bias – staunch believer..
  • Color bias – staunch believer..
  • Dont make kid sleep in arms , kid will get spoilt

More interesting , she has some new rules , created by her. In Photo wife should in left, Dont take photo in that and this pose , it is suppose to be ashubh..

Etc etc etc etc…endless .

These are just somethings without even thinking I could put here.
She has loads of it ,all bad things in this world, the whole IL site will get stuck by processing so much data if I try putting them all her …ha ha ha…and interestingly she has her own clauses and caveats for her own comforts.I believe people who are believer of superstsition upto this extent of my MIL . They should sent mental asylum for proper treatment.

But other way of thinking :

For the amount of garbage she churns out of in name of superstitions/rituals/beliefs/traditions…. I think it must be ambrosia for her kinds.... [ some responses to the post prove it ]


Also I think, how does she manage to thinks and remember such interesting things in these times when they many urban folks have literally thrown away these beliefs to have normalcy in life..
Infact people like these are living in 40yrs old era and applying those in present times whereas these are no more valid in present context.

This post in not about “my” “MIL”. Following are the more important questions for all to think about and answer..

Are we changing … is there any hope ?

It seems we “stop thinking” when it comes to traditions. We fight to ‘preserve traditions’ not because they are fair, or plain common sense, but because they are ‘our traditions’, however hollow they are..
Many many … educated people also get involved in this just to follow traditions because traditions always are for good.., and “no more arguments- thats it” attitude..

It never ceases to amaze me how the most painful and horrifying traditions always involve women and children.The need to subjugate a woman in every way possible is the only justification that such a practice has! Even more shocking is that women believe that it is for their own good , forced to have these beliefs by women themselves, Blind faith!Junk!Utter Crap…. AND WE FOOLISH WOMEN ABIDE AND SELF IMPOSE THEM..Can someone answer when atleast educated women will come out of this…

A more figures oriented question : Any idea how much time in a day is spent in these activities,multiple it by day , months and years… , I am sure it is huge..Isnt is equal to wasting 80% of your life.Better put this time in some betterment activity of self , that will lead to society, then nation , then whole humankind…

Added more : A lyrics of very famous song..Is it just a song ..no , a beautiful message :Chhodo kal ki baatein

chhodo kal ki baatein
kal ki baat puraani
naye daur mein likhenge
mil kar nayi kahaani
hum hindustaani
hum hindustaanichhodo kal ki baatein
kal ki baat puraani
naye daur mein likhenge
mil kar nayi kahaani
hum hindustaani
hum hindustaani

aaj puraani zanjeeron ko tod chuke hain
kya dekhein us manzil ko jo chhod chuke hain
chaand ke dar pe ja pahuncha hai aaj zamaana
naye jagat se hum bhi naata jod chuke hain
naya khoon hai nayi umangein
ab hai nayi jawaani
hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani

hum ko kitne tajmahal hain aur banaane
kitne hain ajanta hum ko aur sajaane
abhi palatna hai rukh kitne dariyaaon ka
kitne parvat raahon se hain aaj hataane
naya khoon hai nayi umangein
ab hai nayi jawaani
hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani, hum hindustaani

BTW: My MIL is educated and left her BSc in first year.She is also just in her early 50’s…Not that old…


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