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The Barbaric Tradition…

The Barbaric Tradition…

A chill went thru my nerves… I got goosebumps the moments I read about it in an old Readers Digest . And I thought that India is the only place where women are suppressed horribly, No this is world over , we are not alone , we have parallels in some countries
I am talking about FGM or Female genital mutilation in name of culture here.They remove the full female genitalia every part and stitch it , all that too without anesthisia [This is also prevalent in India but in only Dawoodi Bohra community as per some sites. ]

There are videos on this on Youtube ,if you watch ,you will come to know what I am talking about.Those are graphically disturbing video. People may choose to avoid it.

After seeing the video I felt very strange, a strange feeling…I am trying to describe…I am sure I cannot fully describe….

It is such a crude and barbaric tradition. And Mothers were forcing this cruel act on their daughters with no sense of panic on their face . they simply feel it is the best thing they are doing to their daughter and they will be be able to please a man…A man… How come everything goes back to good of men and how much ever nonsense crap a women has to go thru … I see these things in India also every custom tradition revolves around some fast for husband , for male child , for brother, Sati, widows getting bald , wear this and that after marriage ,Mother goes thru an abortion of female child , sold in marriages , Women are not allowed to touch things when menstruating ,Dowry, Female infanticide,…. for this crap and for that crap…Endless Dirt…. is there anything “Pro” for women..nothing…So we Indian Crap systems have company …

It never ceases to amaze me how the most painful and horrifying traditions always involve women and children.The need to subjugate a woman in every way possible is the only justification that such a practice has! Even more shocking is that women believe that it is for their own good , forced to have these beliefs by women themselves, Blind faith!Junk!Utter Crap…. This crap gives utter pleasure to highly male chauvinistic societies and gender biased societies …They ensure all wills , thought and pleasure of women are suppressed year after year , centuries after centuries .AND WE FOOLISH WOMEN ABIDE AND SELF IMPOSE THEM..Can someone answer when atleast educated women will come out of this…

I feel like killing the person with my bare hands if I see such a thing , I will not allow a scratch to my child , Here they are doing it themselves to their child, how Barbaric..? .But this is being done to millions and millions every year and no one is stopping it , They elderly women and men forcing on small girls.Almost all women in these South African countries go thru including Egypt and in immigrants .Some immigrants from these places in India are also involved.And there are more things like Breast Ironing etc etc…Junk

It seems Indians are not the only ones who “stop thinking” when it comes to traditions. We aren’t the only ones who fight to ‘preserve traditions’ not because they are fair, or plain common sense, but because they are ‘our traditions’, however hollow they are..
We are callous society we also follow similar crap …
We are a callous nation , many many … educated people also get involved in this just to follow traditions because traditions always are for good…

Yes , We have true company in this silent brutal war against human female.

Let me end with a video , (this one is not graphically disturbing) and some facts below and a Question from Waris Dirie who is former supermodel , activist and unfortunate victim of this practice.
A man asked her, “People who condemn this are after sexual pleasure of women.”She answered with a question. “What if I cut of your full genitals and ask to you pose this question…..?

YouTube – Riz Khan- FGM Waris Dirie- 02 August 07

http://www.who.int/sysmedia/images/rule.gif Excerpts from WHO website What is it ?
I cant describe this horrendous and barbaric act …
See WHO | Female genital mutilation
Why it is Done?

The most baseless justifications are the reasons , but it is all in name of tradition for the operation appears to be largely grounded in a desire to terminate or reduce feelings of sexual arousal in women so that they will be much less likely to engage in pre-marital intercourse or adultery. The clitoris holds a massive number of nerve endings, and generates feelings of sexual arousal when stimulated. [ I dont know why they ensure this for women and not men…why dont they cutoff 1/4th of men penis… It will also server same purpose]

Parents in those cultures where FGM is common often feel that it is the only way to guarantee that their girl children will remain “pure” until marriage. This belief is so strong that it can overcome the dangers to the girls: some do not survive the blood loss during the operation; others die from infection; most suffer life-long complications.

  • It is mostly carried out on young girls sometime between infancy and age 15 years.
  • FGM is internationally recognized as a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

FGM – what the hell in name of culture and tradition ??????


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