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The Saloon

The Saloon

This is creative imaginary post, as requested by my counselor Dr Priya.
Here I went to the Barber…Okay saloon is the good word…
“Madam you have such long traces and which is look good on your very fair complexion….”
I was like…… this creature just wants to make money…
So next moment …”madam , you have rare type of hairs..So silky ….I was like hmmm….”
“Madam why dont you wash your hair with this saloon product…..
you can enhance the look of your hairs ,as they are one of the best I have seen…My god…”Then he trimmed them…
I was already in the 7th sky….And Forgot what he meant…You know how they put a normal looking person in the clouds and dreaming…

“Madam okay the step-cut is done , I think you should go for coloring in streaks…Lemme show you”…within no time magically he had a book full of hairs , different and interesting colors , I took a look at the book not for myself but out of the amazing electric blues and greens in the shade….

Then he said “O madam , I will show you how they will look “…he put some pieces here an there and somehow a hidden desire from within me said WOW!!!…

I said “no way , what if , it is a blunder…”

“No maam , you have such pretty face “… I was like wo!! Is that true…I have those pimples , some patches … Next me thought , he looks at folks daily , may be I am better than many… …

So he was already winning, his style had made the impact , I spurted out Some Rs2000 and got the golden brown streaks …But midway the coloring , I was wondering what have I done….

I was like” please get me plastic bag…..to cover my head to home…”

I used my Umbrella to my home…

I was wondering who is going to have the laugh on me…

I reached home , my hairs had dried after shampooing , the curly traces with the mix of golden hue … I appreciated , I cherished…

The next I was waiting who will comment , waiting for them , In my gym no one noticed , all boring folks…

Next I went In the ClubHouse which is buzzling with folks … Pat came a hand on my head …I turned , my friend ,” Wow!!! what is this , a drastic difference “.. I was scared , Is it a good difference or bad one…

and I got relieved … ” Nice Nice , amazing , fantastic”…

Thus I got my first approval …Happily I went home….

And you see the Flattering Liars of the Saloon…..


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