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Hate Gifts to Mother In Law , MIL

hi folks ,

Recently I ran a very successful thread at a women’s portal , Indusladies…
That post created a furore , in pro and post way..It always went on the top 10 post charts by automated software, but magically vanished in between… I can understand , no hard feelings of any type , as it was an absolute fun thread…

So I thought of making a blog of the post , It is a tedious task….But doing for you all readers to enjoy horribly………. 😀

My Post :

One of my friend was talking about hate gift she wishes to give to her MIL who is screwing her life endlessly…a letter full of vengeance…

Funnily after some days , I noticed a link on net..for hate gifts to MIL , person , boss , SIL etc…

One interesting one was to MIL : What better gift than a tastefully framed picture of yourself to adorn her mantle? She’ll have to put it up – you’re family.That was nice one..

It also had a suggestion : to send some stinky socks in a well packaged box..as an unknown person , if you are bold then with your name…

I am sure I will never be taking such great efforts …
But was wondering if folks have somethings such silly in their minds…

This post is not a very serious one , but to lighten the mood of many to vent out their all inner frustration/hate after the Domestic Violence , Emotional Abuse/insults, in a creative way…Do not attempt it , it may be injurious to health…

It is something Crazy like JAB WE MET movie scene where Kareena asks Shahid to burn the photo of her ex-lover and flush it down the toilet…Relieve yourself …

Responses: Enjoy each one of them…. :-), Let me tell you it is a huge list , IT IS A HIT THREAD…

  1. How about a framed picture of her MIL (afterall its your DH‘s granny)
  2. But I do hate my SIL, and since her main goal is to screw up our (my DH and I) relations with everyone, esp ILs, …. it would be really funny to send her pictures of me, my DH, ILs having a good time.
  3. I think I would send my MIL a ‘cookbook’ as a birthday present – She likes to think that she is the best cook in the world – I’d love to see her face when she gets ‘Cooking for Beginners’ or ‘Cooking for Dummies’ LOL
  4. I’d gift her a funny prayer which would be half an hour-long and ask her to recite at 9pm-only an elder of the house can do that (when DH is about to come home) so that she’s not standing on his head for attention
  5. My MIL always cribs and finds fault in the gifts sent by my parents.while even she knows that she doesn’t buy suits so expensive for her own self.many times she exchanged to mine,i never said anything.but my devil mind wanted to do something ,wanted to spoil those suits….and at times i’d wonder how can i become one of those people in serial who get what they want by just using a simple trick.
  6. Family: The Ties that Bind… And Gag by Erma Bombeck Amazon.com: Family – The Ties that Bind…And Gag! (9780449215296): Erma Bombeck: Books
    At least that’s what I would have sent if she had a funny bone. Boy, does she need to let her sons grow up a little bit. She can overwhelm in the name of love.
  7. Another Idea , I will gift a free counselling session to my MIL , with apologies to the counsellor , as he/she will face trauma … ha ha ha…
  8. My MIL is a miser to the core I have a 3 month baby,wish to send eunuchs to in-law’s place as a hate gift.
  9. HATE GIFT- give her a weekly head massage and youll only see the positive results when you keep trimming her hair little by little from roots.Before this ‘hair treatment’,keep telling her how her hair is falling in this monsoon weather and that you saw a few of her hair strands on the soap.so that she doesn’t doubt you for her soon to be zero cut.
  10. I will purchase a ticket for her to meet her in-laws in their hometown and have a family rendevous.How about that ?I will send my MIL to an exclusive MILs get-to-gether on a cruise for 7 days.
  11. I ll gift her a book that says “how to save money” written by an author who goes out of way,behaves weird with neighbours,sabjiwalas (anyone who comes in contact) to save Rs10 per month.
  12. My MIL is a movie buff, so i did buy her a night show ticket and sponsor her commute to the theatre (in reality the latter would be more impressing for her!!LOL!!) on the evenings i would love to spend my time with DH.
    Like many said, this would spare DH of all the apartment/ neighbourhood news telecast!!
  13. As our friends said …i also give gifts to whom i love….but for a fun…i would like to give some gifts: 1.thirukural…vaimai athikaram (importance of truth)    2.how to save others(son’s) money…(not her money) 3.cookbook for beginners (she believes she is a good cook in the world..)    4.how to behave with your grown up child(her son)
  14. Here is my idea – I would gift my MIL an hot-air baloon ride where the balloon fly far n far and never come back again…I would love to see my FIL crying for her.
  15. I shall gift my IL’s a puppy on their anniversary , FIL loves dogs he will keep the gift but he will do none of their work.As for my MIL she hates dogs and she will have to do all the dirty jobs.My FIL shall love his gift and his so thoughtful DIL , knowing him he shall praise me in front of all( This shall further irritate her to no end)” Ek paanth do kaaj”
  16. I would like to present this thread/blog/post to MIL ………
  17. How about a stinky idea.Say one gets some dog ****, dries it, and covers it with a cake, and the **** inside.
    Here name is put on the cake, and the florist delivery boy is bribed to deliver it, saying no payment needed, it is already paid for !And then when she calls the DIL to share the cake, or cut the cake, first piece tell her, MIL u have the first peice, and see her reaction as she eats it.How as that
  18. Another stinky idea…There is a famous joke on cleaning a toilet with husband’s tooth-brush.How about replacing MIL’s tooth brush to clean toilet.
  19. My gift suggestion would be a link to this thread made to look like it was from an anonymous source
  20. Sometimes i thought of cleaning the toilet with my mil’s brush….after then i left it….one day it will happen ….
  21. I want to gift my MIL her own photograph taken sulking which she mostly is.
  22. Or i would give her a pic of herself, and put it on the wall , and garland it, fresh flowers every day, and tell her, Saasu maa, u look so lovely ion the wall.HAHA
  23. Framed pic of her sister i law with beautiful smile….wearing all jewels and silk saree….my mil will get irritated on talking about her sil…so this gift will a very good one…
  24. Bhai, Haalat kharab hai sab bahuo ki…(Bro, State of all DIL’s is bad …)Anyways for metro cities or similar cities…what about giving a Mumbai Darshan Bus Ticket or Delhi Darshan Bus Ticket, Bangalore Darshan Bus Ticket , Chennai Darshan Bus Ticket, Jaipur Darshan.. and pack some of her hated dishes along …and come to pick her back…(devil me… )We can enjoy our day + she will be irritated thruout.. he he he…send her to chennai city tour in month of may in a non-a/c bus…
  25. My son even asked me if I will nag his wife the same way as my MIL did it to me.Reply : hate gift is given by your son already
  26. Another gift is a 10 days package to her daughter’s mil’s place…or 10 days to see how her daughter’s mil gives torture…..
  27. I hope someday i can mix fevicol/fevi quick in her food and after that a permanent seal on her burning comments after that I can do every work without her continuous nagging reply: I love this!!!!!
  28. If I had done this many years ago, I could have save my precious early marriage days.How it would be if her late MIL (Sorry Daadi Ma) gets alive and we all three will stay together And what my MIL would do with me her MIL would do same things (even with more power as she would be more experienced than my MIL ) Maza aa jaega sacchi (It would be really grt fun)
  29. It is rarely that SIL ‘gives’ a gift, and when she does it’s all crappy worthless junk, but expects lavish expensive ones in return. For once, she should be gifted her own gifts (crappy worthless junk).
  30. FACIAL–send her to a parlor,and explain in personal what kinda treatment you want your MIL to get.Ask her to apply cowdung cake(plus more ingredients as u like or for a different kinda fragrance..hehe) on one side and chocolate on the other side.and all the while keep her v occupied like switch on her fav program/channel so that she doesnt have time to doubt.
  31. This was suggested by my friend whose devil MIL was all trying to poison her son , that DIL should not work and girls will become infidel…. What about a love letter tampered and made to look old with tea marks and ironing with press to make it look brown and old ,for your MIL from some random person , hidden in her old belonging ..and pass it to FIL without anybody/even him doubting you passed it on… he he he…absolute cunning and devilish award….to match this MIL
  32. Take away the muhartam saree[9 yards] of Mil – cut into two a saree for myself and a neat pardha for the kitchen window .PS: i am not married but gave my went as my sis faced so many insults from her MIL
  33. Should be gifted a beautiful dress but a few sizes smaller so she won’t fit ( my SIL’s idea of loosing weight is starving herself )… So just guess what she’ll do
  34. I have one more suggestion… you know about garuda puran (lead story line in movie anniyan/aparichit). It lists the punishments given in hell for different sins. Would love to gift a copy of it to MIL/SIL/FIL or anyone that makes our life hell. this may be a first in line of many punishments them Anthakoopa:Torturing lives and inhumane activities punishment – Biting by wild animals; wild run over by animals
  35. Give a photo to ur MIL wherein u and ur MIL both have given an intimate pose very close to each other (like kissing, smiling together while ur face is touching her face) on some special occasions. She has totally forgotten the incident of taking the snap by u on that day. And see what happens now.
  36. My MIL is a v superstitious person so i’d giver her rosary and ask her that Pandit ji said that you shoud count prayer on it,sitting in x direction especially in the balcony b/w 12-3pm so that it can keep our home away from negative energy.reason-cos when our doggy was just 1.5month old and there’d be only me and her in the house,she used to keep him in the balcony in the scorching heat (41 degree C in march).
  37. Last But not the least : 

Folks…………….:-D 😀 😀 Maaza aa gaya…wah … , I hope Ekta Kapoor doesnt steal some of the ideas from here , I need to talk to the moderator to put a copyright on these.. Copyscape: Please copyright my thread…Well MILs who are really insulting DILs for no reasons and spoiling Families , Beware and better mend your ways , before some ideas are applied to you…

I had also  announced awards for below categories..

1) Craziest – already gone , but I can make it a week award …he he..
2) Most Innovative
3) Most devilish
4) Most decent and but also horrible.. he he he…
5) most stinking
6) Most Ego leveler…
7) Down to earth and docile looking…

Hey we are not cunning people
all these ideas applicable only for bad, monstrous people that we couldn’t cut off from our life due to their real torture…Sorry good MIL’s you do not get the goodies…

I really imagine , how much encroachment MIL’s have in lifes of the DIL that they are forced to think in this devilish ways, if given a chance like this one , but since most DILs just wish for it and can’t do,In this forum it is coming out…
Wish MIL’s read this and understand how much mental tortures they are doing by interfering in the XYZ ways of two adults , that is Son and DIL…

There is Punjabi saying..SaasuMa changi hove nahi to diwar wich tangi hove 😉

Feel free to put in your Hate Gifts  😉 , wicked me….This is just a stress buster dear, don’t worry ,we are no evils , like THEM….


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