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Thief Movie

I visited a blog of my blogger friend Kamal Mahtani : @ http://kamalji.sulekha.com/blog/post/2010/10/dad-s-shradh.htm …..
He was having a humour filled blog of his Dad’s Shradh…

That made me remember this beautiful movie..watch it..

This movie will leave you smiling…. check out the blog to these movie at the end …A message from the movie maker…

This film has been shot in the fascinating potters town (Kumbharwada) of Dharavi, Mumbai. Dharavi is the largest slum area in India. It has over a million people living in an area of 0.67 square miles.

Although this is a comedy film about the misadventures of Jholu the ragpicker, the idea is to get people thinking and talking on some important issues.

Overpopulation, poverty and rapid increase in food prices thats inflation, are some of the biggest challenges facing India. What will be the impact on society, if a large number of people cannot afford a decent healthy meal? How will the people who have to go hungry react?

Follow the adventures of Jholu in the 2nd part of the film

Dharavi is an amazing place. Besides the potters there are many small industries that exist which export goods around the world. The total turnover from Dharavi is estimated to be between 500 million USD and 650 million USD per year. This film was shot during ‘Deepavali’ – the festival of lights. That is why in many shots you will see lamps being made from the earth.

Speaking of which, if you look at the bigger picture our Earth has limited resources but our population is growing alarmingly. More people means more consumption. As an added pressure corporate organizations hungry for profits fuel the desire leading to over-consumption.

How much do we want and how much do we need? What is the antidote for greed? Find out a possible solution in the final part of Jholu’s story


Thief 3 from Nitin Das on Vimeo.

End Note: In our world there are millions of men, women and children who go to sleep hungry. If we hope to build a better future for our society, then someone will have to address this problem. Most people think it’s a job for the govt. or perhaps someone higher up.

Thankfully there are a few people like Jholu, who understand the secret of sharing. People who know that collecting friends is more important than collecting wealth.

The idea of this film is not to promote charity but the belief that each one of us has the gift of making this world a better place. Some work on it. Some don’t.

Ask yourself a simple question – When was the last time you brought a smile to someone’s face?

Film by: Nitin Das [www.filmkaar.com]
Production: Zaffar, Dev, Mitul, Vinay, Prakash
Cast: Vignesh, Alok, Surrendar, Vijendar, Dharmendar, Asif, Prakash
Music: Mangesh Dhakde, Sound Design: Vinit D’souza

Here’s the link: http://www.elfproject.org/films/thief
(short link: http://bit.ly/elf_thief)


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