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Educated Illiterates

I blurted “Educated Illiterates..”
That is what I call many of people I see around..
Now what an oxymoron …No , I mean it literally….

Have you seen in India some educated person throwing garbage out of the car..

Have you seen an educated housewife keeping her house spotless clean and throwing all the filth in the gali the nukkad(corner of the street)…and an illiterate sweeper on road shouting to not to do that…

Have you seen parents educating her daughter to very high levels , engineer , doctor and not allowing her to work…
Just to take away the chance of another aspiring candidate…

Have you seen educated people jump into swimming pool in full salwar suit and saree .. even though there is board immediately there prohibiting that.

Have you seen educated people jumping red signal or riding bike on footpath .. whereas same people are the most law abiding folks when they reach Europe/US. how come when they reach India suddenly their souls are jiggled and changed.

Have you seen educated people believing in crap traditions.

Have you seen educated people swaying their plastic and non degradable stuff in rivers/lakes/sea after finishing Puja.

Have you seen educated Uncle , aunty , youngsters plucking flowers from your society beautification plants

Have you seen educated people playing jarring and blaring music for a simple Puja / New year , It is so loud that you cannot understand what is playing…Not everybody is enjoying too..

Another one : Have you seen people washing street outside their house with precious Muncipality provided Drinking water..additionally washing away the bitumen laid roads.

Educated people planning lowly acts of murder…

And ofcourse you have seen educated people demanding and giving dowry..the more educated the more dowry and more illiterate….

-Of course may be you or I may be one of them.

Do we deserve to be called literate , where is literacy factor when our actions suggests something else.
What is the use of getting educated…We behave like perfect illiterates…wheres the difference.
To be successful and to earn money we need not much education..Greats minds are needed…
We are educated to show betterment in society and us…where is the betterment…Are we not Educated illiterates..

So you see that a person does not need to have been denied a formal education, to be an illiterate.
People here really find some holiness and some cultural aspect in educated illiteracy…

Educated illiterate means a person who only read the books but didn’t grasp anything and drained out all the money spent on his education .
He looks well dressed but spits everywhere. he behaves differently in India and US, he doesn’t vote , at slightest opportunity he gives /takes bribes , he is worse than illiterates in civic sense. They are specialist who does not know the basics.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Ending with a video , A different version of educated illiterates.A bit funny..

Watch Documentary / Short films : Educated Illiterate by Mrityunjay


August 27, 2011 - Posted by | Indian women

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