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My Neem Journey….and home neem facial

hi Folks,

Writing after a long time….Recently I landed into a useful natural product for my non even skin texture due to hidden white heads and not many black heads , also pimples occasionally landing here and there on my face…Had many open pores too…Was wishing to some how get a plainer face to get a radiant or at least a uniform look….

I was in Delhi recently and saw this Maali(Gardener ) chopping off extra branches from the tree of Neem…Somehow neem has always gave me a good feeling…

So I just picked up these Nimbori (Neem Seed Fruit) , they were ripe…I pressed it and Voila!!! I saw the gel sought of stuff in it..
I was always quiet hateful towards having the neem leaves and boiling etc…what a cumbersome process, None of the modern Neem Face Pack or Wash ever worked for me…So I thought I am not a neem person…
This time I just thought let me rub this colorless gel on my face , it’s readily available and not visible on face…Just applied it for fun ………………………………………….

Next Day , what did I see…My face some whiteheads had dried and looked like some extra skin peeling of similar too after a scratch ..I said ok ..I cleared that skin with my hand and a patch of my face looked clear , I was not convinced , then I just thought let me do this during my morning walks…, after few days I saw everything, almost everything cleared up , no marks too…I was very happy , finally something worked , but somehow all the herbal products claiming neem in it never works , the neem-effect gets lost in the chemical or it is too less concentrated….

After June I see that the seeds season is gone.. I am quiet unhappy on that and again my laziness to try neem leaves has taken over…
But Finally I today managed to make a chutney out of the neem leaves and squeezed the water out = Neem Juice šŸ˜‰ and applied with some aloe vera from my pot, I hope it works, not sure on the leaves showing that gel effect ….will update once that works…

What I did today for my home neem facial ( I have never done a self facial in life , I m too lazy for such fancies but if this works , will be happy)

1)Took some brand neem face wash and washed with the neem juice.

2)Used some Biotique Peach Face exfoliating mask – ordered out of impulse , it has some neem in it too.but had a layer of neem juice prior to it ..

3)After mask removedĀ  I took some fragrant herbal cream almost a drop and mixed 1 drop yucky neem oil(smells like hell) , mixed biotique one more lotion in it šŸ˜‰ , aloe vera …massaged it and when it was absorbed , I wetted it with Neem Juice regularly ..No extra cream…

4)After the massage , cleant it and applied Everyuth neem pack which was mixed in Neem juice instead of water.

5) Cleant it , moisturized with Biotique morning nectar + aloevera home gel + little neem juice….

Voila….My facial is finish , anyways I feel smooth on my face , but results will come up tomorrow..
Will update on that..Bye for today…

MY NEXT DAY UPDATE : WOW! I am finding a clearer skin , actually more smoother and less blemishĀ  …IT WORKS , Should continue … Do give it a try with Real Neem instead of Neem Products , Looks like in the Products available in market haveĀ  the chemicals thatĀ  make the neem useless in their formulations..


September 18, 2012 - Posted by | Indian women

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  1. Neem for skin, Unique Idea. We already know the benefits of Neem its a queen of herbs. Ayurvedic products and diet offer great health benefits and I like your concern in the post which is very useful for us. Way2Herbal – Herbal Products Online Store

    Comment by way2herbal | September 23, 2016 | Reply

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