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Indian Sons treated as Loyal Dog and An FD(Fixed Deposit)

Folks ,
I have been calling my husband Loyal Dog and An FD for last 2 years openly and saw his state like that since past 8 years.

I will narrate one incident :

When My son was born , my Mother In Law immediately said taking him into her arms…My lovely child , now you will be the financial Ful-filler and Loyal Son and fulfill all the expectation of your parents especially to my Son….like my son….
I really felt bad..I immediately said , When I become Old , I want myself to be self-sufficient financially and want to be healthy and wish to contribute towards society and my self till I die.I do not want to put my expectation or make my son live his life for me , let him be free, I will do all good to him and inculcate all good values , where he himself feels for me out of love ,not responsibility and burden in case I need help.He shall be Free… This is between me and my son .

Now you can expect what happened after that, My MIL cried and started shouting , your wife is bad mouthed , she think we are sucking you for money..XYZ…Blah Blah…So I told I didn’t say anything for you..
But still she was quiet afraid and angry…
One more Incident : Whenever there is anything my MIL wants , she will start saying ” Do you know when I gave birth to you, It was very painful, To such a mother will you not do this for me..” ( I thinks all mothers go thru this , I went a lot thru it , But my son never decided to come this world , It is we who decided to bring him in this world for our happiness , we cannot en-cash this way…

The son became a Loyal Dog out of constant conditioning since childhood for the responsibility of a son
. And an FD , as parents didnt save at all – meaning not even a buck , but have huge demands every now and then…Like 2 landlines separate for both husband and wife , 2 Cell phone ofcourse , 3 TV’s between 2 folks , Hometheatre , and whatever we buy for ourselves ..

+ Exact replica of all above for SIL.Thanks to the SIL’s husband who said we are not beggars , we do not want 🙂 , Thank GOD !!

What do you say , I see this at so many places , specially where I am married in Bengalis..I am not a Bengali…




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