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Indian Sons treated as Loyal Dog and An FD(Fixed Deposit)

Folks ,
I have been calling my husband Loyal Dog and An FD for last 2 years openly and saw his state like that since past 8 years.

I will narrate one incident :

When My son was born , my Mother In Law immediately said taking him into her arms…My lovely child , now you will be the financial Ful-filler and Loyal Son and fulfill all the expectation of your parents especially to my Son….like my son….
I really felt bad..I immediately said , When I become Old , I want myself to be self-sufficient financially and want to be healthy and wish to contribute towards society and my self till I die.I do not want to put my expectation or make my son live his life for me , let him be free, I will do all good to him and inculcate all good values , where he himself feels for me out of love ,not responsibility and burden in case I need help.He shall be Free… This is between me and my son .

Now you can expect what happened after that, My MIL cried and started shouting , your wife is bad mouthed , she think we are sucking you for money..XYZ…Blah Blah…So I told I didn’t say anything for you..
But still she was quiet afraid and angry…
One more Incident : Whenever there is anything my MIL wants , she will start saying ” Do you know when I gave birth to you, It was very painful, To such a mother will you not do this for me..” ( I thinks all mothers go thru this , I went a lot thru it , But my son never decided to come this world , It is we who decided to bring him in this world for our happiness , we cannot en-cash this way…

The son became a Loyal Dog out of constant conditioning since childhood for the responsibility of a son
. And an FD , as parents didnt save at all – meaning not even a buck , but have huge demands every now and then…Like 2 landlines separate for both husband and wife , 2 Cell phone ofcourse , 3 TV’s between 2 folks , Hometheatre , and whatever we buy for ourselves ..

+ Exact replica of all above for SIL.Thanks to the SIL’s husband who said we are not beggars , we do not want 🙂 , Thank GOD !!

What do you say , I see this at so many places , specially where I am married in Bengalis..I am not a Bengali…




September 26, 2012 - Posted by | Indian women


  1. Hi FIB, same is my MIL. She will start crying on phone – “We have spent all our money in your studies now its your turn to help us in our old age”. She wants same things which we buy. Even if it is bangles which my mom gave to me she will say – ” Oh we don’t have money to buy all these, you are lucky your mom gives you gifts” Indirectly asking PK to buy her bangles. They demanded bunglow, we bought it, they demanded interior to be done, we funded it from here, they want money for shopping, for traveling, everything from her son. If PK finds new job, she will start saying “oh!! I was so praying for you day & night, I did this pooja, I went to temples, I did fasts for you my son, all you have got is because of my prayers, God always hears Mom’s prayers” yaa right!!! why all MIL’s are like this?? Expectations & expectations only!!!!

    Comment by tandooripanipurilife | September 27, 2012 | Reply

    • please send a link of this post to your husband .I wish for a change…

      Comment by fakeindianbbahu | September 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. Oh really! you feel so, you think that it is nice for the wife to pass this disgusting piece loaded with lies to her husband and say to him that you are a dog.
    The obvious and right response from the husband to his wife: Shut up bitch.

    If the wife can call her hubby a dog (and what for; his sin is that he loves and respects his parents), then the husband does have the right to call her a !@$%@. And since she is the one who has initiated this crime, calling her *$#**$* alone wouldn’t serve any purpose. Maybe he could even sever all his ties with his wife (or kill her, oops!) for there isn’t a place in his life for a jealous woman whose only problem seems to be that she can’t stand the love her husband has for his parents and siblings.

    Hey, don’t assume that he is an unconcerned husband (he loves and cares for her) nor are his parents (they are good * display kindness to the wife).

    The real problem is that besides loving his wife; he loves his parents and bro/sis too. The husband has a heart that beats for them and he can’t stop loving & respecting his family member now that he is married.

    So, it makes the husband a loyal dog to his parents & siblings?? Wow!

    Well if it is, then it’s a zillion times better than being a loyal dog to his wife who expects him to wear a leash and then bark at his own parents (the wife’s in-laws) everytime she feels jealous of her MIL as she look gorgeous, a true style diva at the party or her BIL gifts his brother (her husband) a fabulous gift or just goes out for a movie with him or their son (her husband) talks sweetly with his mother/father/bro/sis.

    Comment by IndianGuy | October 14, 2012 | Reply

  3. I think its the Indian culture which is at fault. Its a mind set that if u have a son, he will look after you when u grow old. So people are fixated with the idea of having a son and the daughter being no good as she is gonna get married one day. I sympathise with your predicament and after so many years, there is little you can change as changing a person’s mindset after a certain age is highly unlikely. But there are also MILs like mine who worked in their prime, have a pension, have made good investments, travel with their own money and basically have a good time. But the interference factor does not change. But one has to take it with a pinch of salt. I always believe in looking at the positive aspect of it all. Today I can leave my daughter with her while I work knowing that she will be well cared for. When I read your blog, I felt that I am in a better state than many. Hope everything turns out right for you too and that too very soon.

    Comment by Manasi | November 1, 2012 | Reply

    • Everything has to be sought out right by ourselves and I am doing so.
      I am sure you are in a better state and your MIL us supporting you too and while taking care of your child she cannot be babysitter completely , but she has to respect your way of parenting too.

      Comment by fakeindianbbahu | November 17, 2012 | Reply

  4. The archetypal mother in law portrayed in this blog is seen only in TV serials and in the imagination of some women, who believe that a marriage means the fairy tale romance between husband and wife and not a sacred relationship between two families. I was born in a rural area. After my retirement, 17 years ago, I have again settled in a rural area. I have witnessed a quantum shift in the relations between MiL and DiL. Even in villages, mothers in law have accepted the reality that they are just the guests in the house. They know, that their sons have to give respect and priority to their wives and rightly so. Most mothers in law in rural and semi urban towns quickly change their attitudes accordingly. I have seen that most mothers in law have struck good friendship with their daughters in law. I do not know, what are the ground realities in affluent and rich, urban families. One last word, dear blogger. Your very first sentence about your husband is too offensive and insulting. Had your husband used such words about you, what would have been your reaction? We all need to be more sober, considerate and also liberal towards others.

    Incidentally, I came across this site , today, while looking for e mail id of Justice Verma Commission on rape law. The choice of subjects and contents are quite good. I appreciate the efforts taken by the bloggers.

    Comment by Major Prakash Patil | December 30, 2012 | Reply

    • 🙂 unfortunately that is how his parents have treated him .it is not my words .Do you really need words to show your inner feelungs and disrespect for a relation.It juat shows

      Comment by fakeindianbbahu | December 31, 2012 | Reply

  5. Hi, Thanks sister, your story helped me. I had shared your link at:


    I even explained a reader what I and you imply by it.
    I wrote the following comment at that blog:

    /I want to point that many Indian men are raised by their greedy, conniving, possessive, control-freak, conniving mothers to be brainless, spineless squids who can’t stand up for their adorable girlfriends & wives.
    The story of fakeindianbahu proves that.
    If only these mothers raise their sons to be independent thinkers, many of their marital problems will fizzle away./

    Thanks sista .

    Comment by Rashmi | February 23, 2014 | Reply

  6. I can’t understand what make you delete my comment yet again. Pls answer.

    Comment by Rashmi | February 24, 2014 | Reply

  7. I found this blog when i was searching difference between art silk and real silk. It is one of your post. I started reading few of your other post and I like your blog because you speak your mind. I believe there are all kinds of MILs and DILs. I have seen the horrific and the good on both sides. Very few Indian men know how to manage both the women in his life. I’m very happy with my hubby coz he does this very well. He stands up for me when needed and yet he makes sure his mom feels needed and appreciated too.
    What i have observed is Mils who do not have happy marriages or who are not friends with their husband tend to be more dependent on their sons. They not only need the sons money but his time and attention. They get so jealous they try to control every aspect of his life. Men hardly see how the woman is manipulating them. Its a hard life for the girl who has such a MIL.

    Comment by riacy | October 16, 2016 | Reply

  8. fakeindianbahu, if you are still active on this blog or another please reply.i am sushil bachhawat aged sixty from benaluru. parent of three daughters.09448387740,sushilbachhawat@gmail.com.27.01.17.i salute you for the courage and concern for self as well as others.

    Comment by sushil bachhawat | January 27, 2017 | Reply

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