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Mashed Musings

Dear Phuddu Married Man,

If you are wondering what Phuddu means, let me enlighten you. It means a coward, spineless douche bag.

Sometimes I wonder what grave necessity threw you into the act of marriage. Was it your parents? Was it some sort of inferiority complex because people around you were getting married? Or was it just a robotic impulse imbibed inside you since you were born? Or you just needed a woman to fu*k?

You do not deserve this woman you have married. Remember the day when you came back from a holiday in Singapore with your wife and your mother opened all your suitcases as soon as you entered the house, to dig in all the things you might have bought without her knowledge? How dare you allow her to do that? Yes, you whimpered like a scared puppy, vomited out something inaudible but when your mother explained…

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For People thinking my reblogs are from Females , Sorry you are absolutely wrong , This is from a Male from RapeCity Delhi…I salute him

Mashed Musings

In an alternate reality,where men are taught to be vulnerable from the time they are born, where they are considered the weaker sex –

Rahul was sitting in a pub with his friend drinking beer. He was conscious of a gang of girls constantly eyeing him. His first thought was that he should not have worn that tight T-shirt showing his muscular arms and chest. He got up to leave. It was almost 12 and his father was calling him constantly to make sure he was all right. He said goodbye to his friend and moved towards his car. All of a sudden, another car screeched to a halt in front of him. The girls who have been eyeing him all night leapt out of the car and dragged him inside. He cried for help but no one bothered. His friend who saw all that happen called the police. The…

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