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Mashed Musings

Parents are a very complicated species. Their children sometimes end up decoding them throughout their life, even after they turn into their carbon copies, even after the parents are long dead. So, what is so mind-boggling intricate about parenting? Does fear of losing control comes automatically with the warmth of love? Or is it molding forcefully your child into someone you always wanted to be? Or is it flexing the ego once your child deviates from your pre-defined path?

Parenting ≠ Martyrdom

The first sentence your mother might fling at you if you go against her wishes is – “We gave so many sacrifices to bring you up! And for what? For this day?”

Holy Mother! Sacrifices? Firstly, weren’t the parents having fun when the child was conceived? Keeping a child in one’s womb and popping it out is no sacrifice either. It’s not as if an easier alternative is…

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November 15, 2012 - Posted by | Indian women

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