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Comment from Laksmi :Starry, thanks for summing up what a lot of us think very succintly. I think we need a sea change in how media and entertainment avenues like movies represent women. First step should be calling harrassment as harrassment, not eve teasing. Trivializing these things embolden the folks who perpetuate it to go further. We need parents to lead by example. No tolerance for abuse within the home. I am glad these conversations are happening. Even if a few people stop to think and reevaluate how they live their lives, it will have made a difference.

Things do not change...until we change!

  1. You cannot get blood from a turnip. If I bend over backwards to please and conform to everyone else’s opinions about decency, modesty and appropriateness, if the other person has been programmed to disrespect women, he or she will do it anyway.
  2. You can however recognize what the basic problem is. Segregation of genders. Isolation of females, purportedly for their safety, but actually harmful beyond sanity. Move beyond this in every little way possible.
  3. You can also enjoy honest and genuine appreciation of your attractiveness without feeling guilty or scared of what you might be inviting. Or can you?

So the thought process I used to buy into for most of my life was this. If you cover up your female parts, don’t meet eyes, take care everywhere, don’t go alone to male-dominated places, you will not invite attention. And therefore you will not invite trouble.

The point not…

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December 21, 2012 - Posted by | Indian women

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