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Not a country for Women

See our attitude towards women.

How they are threatened by normal women , their assertiveness threatness men and they feel the need to teach them a lesson due to their upbringing.

We feel so threatened that we brutalize her on every pretext from birth-dowry-assertiveness-inlaws-dress-freedom- to keep her in place

See how lyrics are cheap.How people are cheap.

See how we molest them and everybody watches silently.

How we feel the right to slap a women on every pretext.

How everyone objectifies women

How we have the right to advice her on every nonsense we our brought up with.

We are not Ok with cigarettes in the item song , but ok with 300 odd men trying grope a Happily Dancing SuperStar.We are OK with our children watching it and dancing to it and children take that message well.Item numbers looks like some failed attempt of molestation or even successful molestations sometimes.

Our Indian Culture : Indian Ranked worst country for Women in all G20.

We Worship Godessess.

[Thanks to IndianHomeMaker.wordpress.com for the Video Sharing]

Someone commented : When biggest icons of the masses like Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar eve teases or comments on just the sexuality of the women, everyone thinks its ok to do that. Its just not about bollywood or media, its the basic respect towards women. When majority of women portrayed in media are sex objects ( items ) where is the respect ? Its in the subconscious. mooh me le. is not artistic freedom but an utter misuse of the power.


December 24, 2012 - Posted by | Indian women

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