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Mental test for the borderlibe juvebile rapist by SC



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This time we managed to GangRape : Proud to do that…

We stripped them first and then repeatedly raped them .Actually did we or they invited it , they tried calming us by some good words but we couldnt stop our selves, we Named them and set a stigma on them., They lost their dignity….I think their bad character and self control was not there , it is not our fault .We feel great after that …

The Raped : Politicians, Police , Top Officials , The Judiciary ,The Bypassers , The Godmen , The Misogynists , The Society , The Hollow Culture

The Rapist : Media , Social Media , Protestors

The Dec 16th , 2012 somehow did it all finally , The girls do not loose dignity as it is not their fault, but all who came up with Nonsense have lost , they have been ripped apart by Media and Social Media and Protestors , Bakwaas kar kar ke aur apni gandi soch dikha kar apni ijjat lootwa li hai inhonene…means With their continous shameful comments and mindset they have lost their respect and modesty this time.

I dont know how will they fight their stigma , they are like Zinda lash now.. ….

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Why do we fear outside ….Rape is near you …. in your safest avenue

Tough to handle and tough to report , Uncomfortable to family and victim is told that she is making it uncomfortable by bringing up the stuff , no one believes her , she is the mistake , They still get respect and everything has to look normal…..
The Danger is near you …Have you ever been thru it , may be a bad touch , talk , assault , sexual assault , harassment , Please speak up here…We from normal middle should start talking on it else we do not solve the problem..




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