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I went to a get-together … There was a lady who was telling my daughter learns karate , I said , good for her body and its her choice what activity she took.
Another said , good for her safety in present world of rapes etc, mother agreed( I had objections ofcourse , I had in my mind ,arey bhai.. every female should have name ended with Lee then 🙂 )
Her mother immediately said , But she is not like TOMBOY…. He he he… Now ….I started can you give me definition of TOMBOY ….

TOMBOY means like boys…
She should not fight like boys : (ME said: Then How will Karate help her
if she cannot fight like or infact more better than boys… ) She said :Ya but u dont understand.
She should not be always going on treks etc … (ME : I go …)
Not talk very boldly …ME:I said Ah…Still all those things don’t sound like “boys”
More…Sit like girls , ME:I said what exactly Not sit like boys, I asked now what is that way … SHE : Means legs should be folded properly…
Now I was really …Hmmm Pissed off..

I said , I do all the things that u are saying she should not do ..You mean I am a TOMBOY (whatever it means) , She said no ya..but there is a difference from normal girls..
I said , there was a difference in concept of TOMBOYS when we were kids by Aunties , that is girls should not learn Swimming , not wear jeans , to not study higher , not have short hair , then as per those aunties all the present girls are TOMBOYS…But not as per you , correct , she said right …

She said : it is tough to tell yaar but it is like TOMBOYs some boyish things…
I said : u have defined somethings as boyish . which is your problem , why are u spoiling her life.
Ofcourse all of the ladies said in different ways I am a feminist , which is a bad thing and I am TOMBOY too ..
TOMBOY and FEMINIST together : OXYMORON …. Arey Bhai kehna kya Chahte ho..

arey bhai kehna kya chahte ho Desi Emotion

I said , you are simply confused and stereotype …
TOMBOY is nothing but anything against Stereotypes … (and is BS)

Then I got an answer it is so tough to live and handle if we do not follow the stereotype..I said you are like a filled Mumbai train passing on your load of previous passenger to next passenger, you can bear it and stand it and instead of stop passing it to next passenger , you are happily passing it being selfish…you can be strong by fighting it..(this is a chep from Rujuta Diwekar example, Love her , she is no nonsense).

Ok I was the bad one , and Tomboyish one(because fighting stereotype,is also TOMBOYish,)since I could argue stereotypes and illogical things..

Yeh TOMBOY TOMBOY kya hai , Yeh TOMBOY TOMBOY ( Andaz Apna Apna dialogue Yeh Teja Teja kya hai Yeh Teja Teja)


September 18, 2013 - Posted by | Indian women

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