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And then the shame washed over me. The Big Gender Shame….

Jailbreak the Patriarchy : A Chrome Plugin …How it shows the real world..


“And boi, did I notice the water. I decided to take the plug-in to this article about the new Bravo reality show set in the Silicon Valley. I was merrily reading along about Mr. Randi Zuckerberg, reading sentences such as “Kim Taylor described his start-up as based on personalized content in the luxury market for men.” And then it hit me. These people were actually women! In the technology industry! My brain said, “fah real?” I had to toggle the Patriarchy to read the “real” version of the article to be sure. And then the shame washed over me. The Big Gender Shame.

I’m a fairly gender-aware / gender-bendy person, but this plug-in had me breaking down prejudices I didn’t even realize I had, because they’d been so easy to quickly push aside. Why did I have to check on it to make sure these people were women? And why was I so surprised? But most importantly, why did I really care what gender these people were? The content in the article was more or less the same either way.”


Sucher says Jailbreak The Patriarchy has around 10,000 users, though she doesn’t know the precise demographics: She knows, though, that it’s been used in several Gender Studies classes (professors have written her grateful letters about it), and that her “community — the liberal queer-type developer — tends to get really excited about it.“”




September 27, 2013 - Posted by | Indian women

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