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My Yesterdays Chat…Amazed and Happy…

Some of my So called friends had been telling me that in this house the inlaws are behaving badly with the DIL…One day I asked the DIL if there was any problem , just incase Domestic violence was the case , I would have kept a proper watch… But what she answered me , nothing yaar , mere Sasur to mere per dabate hain jab mein thak jaati hoon…I was amazed….Also I saw her everyday riding her scooter and FIl sitting at the back chatting nicely and she wears whatever she likes….

But ..ya the yesterdays chat… I was waiting in a common area and her MIL was there lookign after the kid…and FIL just introduced me to MIL (in her 50’s end), I just sat there , she was chatting and she figured out I had a intercaste , inter-region marriage… She just said ours is a inter-religion , I got confused , may be its about her DIL , She said no , It is our inter-religion ….I said great ,She said it is an arranged marriage , that too in some rareky know district of India, Yes I was amazed …She said she is a Muslim and Husband a Hindu Brahmin… More Amazed , Then chat continued , she said she was against all the Fanatic Behaviour In both religion and denied marriage….And finally by arranged marriage (Hindu-muslim) they met each other and married , I asked her how was the support while rearing kids as you were working …She said oh , My husband took 3 years off from his job as we decided whoever has higher salary will retain the job…I felt great and proud of such entities in my patriarchial and suffocating culture and where even Educated Young Mind has no clarity in mind ……And do we need religion is also one question, i really question myself…

And what about those so called “friend” ladies who were talking all nonsense about such a sane family…Why they talk sh*t…


October 13, 2013 - Posted by | Indian women


  1. so, finally let me offer you my comment

    But what she answered me , nothing yaar , mere Sasur to mere per dabate hain jab mein thak jaati hoon…I was amazed…

    I think FIL has some wierd foot-fetish or may be this particular father-in-law is just some dirty flirt or the DIL might be in same category too.

    Let’s ask him how many times did this dirty FIL give a pedicure or a simple foot massage to his own wife or atleast made an offer.

    It seems the DIL also needs to get out of this mentality – she might be used to being pampered by her father who seems to be happy being a slave to his adult daughter but expecting the same treatment from her husband’s father is highly inreasonable, mean & pathetic.

    She need not carry the master-slave (or adult daughter-father) relationship to her other relationships but the FIL is to be blamed too (since I guess he is not being coerced by his dil through blackmail or any other scare tactic)

    Comment by Shobit | November 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. You turned coy – it’s fine with me

    Comment by Shobhit | November 1, 2013 | Reply

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