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Suggestions needed to end patriarchial mindset thru education : Delhi books

Hi Folk

I am planning to send suggestions to new Govt of Delhi to bring change in the patriachial mindsets against women of children thru curriculum , which is the reason for crime and discrimination against women.Please respond in many numbers and pass this blog info to all.




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finally a nice court case

22-yr-old girl moves Chhattisgarh high court over using bangles as symbol of incompetence – Times Of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/raipur/22-yr-old-girl-moves-Chhattisgarh-high-court-over-using-bangles-as-symbol-of-impotence/articleshow/27547058.cms

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2 Garlands and within 4 walls

2 Garlands exchanged and now a man can do an officially sanctioned rape , What happens with 4 four walls ,its nobody’s business NO Punishment , Enjoy the rape party everyday.OK , Get it.

2 Adults with consent and mutual love , Gay/Lesbian doing anything within 4 walls , Punish them.. Its illegal…

Enjoy our society…


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