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Electronics misbehave in my presence..

Do u think I have strange influence or pyschic powers.. ??? When I am touching laptop , my mobile- it malfunctions, I sell my mobile every 8 months, and while doin that I figured out the monetary benefits 😍😎.Moment, Husband attends to it, it works fine. In my first job I went crazy, I worked like mads..all units in the exchange didn’t work, unknown issues. Seniors.., after when I went ,they worked on it , without any intervention things used to work and they said it was an ok stuff already 😫, I had to do so many tries to fix the electronic .πŸ˜’ I change my mobile very fast, it just malfunctions.. , infact my Manager commented on me. How to you manage to bring wierd issues in the system.. 😑… Specifically when stressed ,things don’t work more.. I’m stressed out and since morning I’m trying simple print to PDF.. and finally now I’m able to do.. 4hrs..4 hrs.. oh god..to do a print to PDF.. wifi packet drops, laptop slow, system blue screen, print function giving unknown errors, then restart computer..no restart … It opened as it is.. as if no restart…wtf… hang PC.. word crashed.. what else.. and I have to give my exam…

I get strange dreams , so vivid, and things happen to be true, strange past stuff, all strangely connected..

I blabber places of names, I don’t know.it happens to be accurate for the other person.And I’m so horrible in geography..

I talk about someone and that person I see next day or receive some msg next day..

There is a place which represents my dreams
Yesterday I figured out ,There is again one more place of which BS matches my name exactly and it explains my dreams more..

Again one more place that matches one more name…
That persons mom’s name matches to my dreams..

The place I got dream of is exactly opposite on the other coast of the dreams place.. exact same latitude
One more place similarly on same longitude

At one even I have a feeling how the place in upper floor will look like.😐

I even feel many other things about many people, they don’t tell but some how get a feeling on who they are talking about.
Let me be Sometimes it’s wrong also..but not totally..

Most eeriest of all is.
I was in US some years back in hotel studio.. while sleeping my hands were by itself in vertical position, infact I woke up multiple times in that short stay of 8 days (we shifted to another place after that and it stopped),infact I woke up because my left arm was tired being in vertical position for no reason, and the most eeriest part … The lamp in the room switched on automatically every nice despite of me offing it..once I thought some loose connection or something… Then I took care to switch it off every night and every night the phenomenon repeated, and I called my husband also from other room where kids were sleeping.. my hand was up and next to the lamp and lamp on.. and I asked the hotel staff if it’s some.motion sensor etc.. nothing, plain nothing.. finally I removed the lamp wire and slept but my arms went to vertical position every single night.This was severe case of electronics malfunction.And I have never ever faced arms vertical while sleeping.. apart from this time.


I will go mad.

Don’t know if its a good thing or bad thing..

I can’t exhaust myself in it.

But it’s automatically coming to me. Just trying to lie low.

Disclaimer: I am from technical background, Arya samaji household, and I even have doubts on existence of God.
I think it’s Stephen Hawkings ki Maya… Multiple Parallel universe and time and dimensions… Plz … I want to be out of it..


February 9, 2018 - Posted by | Indian women

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