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Dil Toot jayega tumhara

Kanpatti ….

When ur friend calls you to figure out how to know who viewed your pic..

Height of impatience. As if madness for likes was not enough.

First neither whatsapp nor facebook allows this feature.

Infact Orkut failed exactly due to this issue.

People giving into cheap youtube videos and cheap softwares..Lol ..specially those apps tell u to like their app then only login works.

some softwares just randomly gives out people from your contact list or random facebook ids which u must have visited ..

Laloo making is on :-D…

Woh to friend to samaj gaya/gayi.. baaki ka kya … one friend called me saying yaar yeh doodhwala mera profile kyu dekhta hai itna… bechara doodhwala.. koi galti nahi , phir bhi pit jayega kisi din…

Sorry peeps.. spoilt your Valentine ki umange.. 😉


February 13, 2018 - Posted by | Indian women

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