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My Magical Creams : Boroline and Surfaz-SN

Folks ,


We all face Skin issues , cut , stitches ,boils,  sun burn, piles haemoroids , crack what not….

This was the time when I got my normal delivery ..The stitches were painful and irritating…

I used soframycin..hot water sitz what not….

I thought let me try boroline..It was what my husband got me in a hasty situation..after a baby is born…

I applied accepting my fate that things will be horrible for 1-2 months…

But  I was surprized….I got instant soothing effect ..Then the next morning the stitches just started to heal , They were not fresh and sensitive…and within 3 days continuous application whenever I felt encouraged the stitches dried anf fell off…Still AMAZED till no extent…

I got really dry feet and heels once ..and look what helped me BOROLINE…

Those winter charred lips when I was in North India…BOROLINE rescued me…

Then during summers and during feeding my kid I got rashes and fungal infection and crack .. I used the SURFAZ-SN ointment and I was amazed the whole stuff cleared and healed by next day…Infact for my son , myself any small stuff it is quiet help ful…as the brochure in the pack says ..In india for common issues and where you cannot access doctor this is magic cream.


Now this time was tough I had developed sentinel pile fissure due to an allergy to an antibiotic and this was recurring every six months and this time the fissure didn’t get cured by the Hameoriodal cream and the other antibiotic as it got infected…Infact the antibiotic again caused another sideeffect…I felt horrible yesterday night…I was thinking what to do…I was afraid to apply surfaz-sn  to that area thinking what more side effects and It may get worse…I thought till 2 am ofcourse in pain…I took the step..I applied Surfaz SN … and Voila morning I felt little better …(not very better)…Then I remembered my other magical cream Boroline ..I read some review on how piles surgery was averted in a Boroline superbrand pdf .So I heated it and applied and by after noon I feel the pain almost gone..Boroline is simply acting as barrier for any further hurt to the fissure and Surfaz-SN below it is just healing it fast along with Boroline…..

Infact I had a technical presentation..I was worried what to do , how will I sit that long… 

Thank God ! I was infact thinking of a surgery done for the sentinel piles fissure , the doctors medicines actually made my state horrible..I got body ache, eye twitch , loose motion…what not…leav aside the cure…

THANK YOU BOROLINE and SURFAZ-SN my magical creams.. I love them..I am careful about using Surfaz -SN ..BUT BOROLINE…No need…And you know it is Nostalgic with Boroline..I remember my mom getting Vicco turmeric and Boroline sometimes..BOROLINE hasnt changed a bit not even the external simple cardboard …Ah ..Good Old Days…!

Disclaimer: This is just a blog and doesnt replace doctors advise or recommend anything.This is my experience blog.



Works Wonders to
Smoothen Cracked LipsSmoothen Cracked Lips
Cure Cuts & WoundsCure Cuts & Wounds
Soften Elbows & Abraded SkinSoften Elbows & Abraded Skin
Cure Cracked HeelsCure Cracked Heels
Soften Nail CuticlesSoften Nail Cuticles
   Heal Post-operative Stiches
    Cure General Skin Infections
    Smoothen Dry & Chapped Skin 

  • Every second someone, somewhere in the world purchases a tube of Boroline.
  • In 2002, a user while shifting homes found a tube of Boroline manufactured in 1976. He found that it had retained the same texture, efficacy and perfume as the new one.
  • Boroline has travelled all the way to Antarctica with a lady scientist who was part of the Expedition in 1983. It has also accompanied a soldier posted in the high altitude of the Himalayan peaks who has written to thank Boroline as it helped him survive the hostile climate.
  • On August 15th, 1947, Calcutta newspapers carried an advertisement informing audiences that from two specified city outlets, Boroline would be distributed free to anyone who asks for it during the day.
  • Boroline still receives mail from people telling stories of unique usage.A lady from Australia used it as a last resort and cured severely sunburnt skin;
  • it has been used on cricket balls to keep it shiny;
  • to cure piles and avert surgery;
  • molten Boroline has been used to heal a boil in the ear.


    SURFAZ®-SN CreamComposition:
    Clotrimazole I.P. 1.0% w/w.
    Betamethasone Dipropionate U.S.P. equivalent to
    Betamethasone 0.05% w/w.
    Neomycin Sulphate I.P. 0.5% w/w.
    Cream base q.s.


     Betamethasone Dipropionate is a higly potent fluorinated topical corticosteroid. It has prompt anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vaso-constrictive action. By these actions, it promptly controls symptoms such as itching, redness and scaling. Clotrimazole is a broad spectrum synthetic antifungal agent having fungicidal action against all the fungi responsible for superficial fungal infections of the skin. It is a synthetic imidazole derivative. Neomycin sulphate is an antibiotic having a broad spectrum of action and is very well-tolerated when applied topically. Since Neomycin sulphate is never used as a systemic antibiotic, it is ideally suited for topical use.

    is indicated in the treatment of various inflammatory dermatological disorders superadded with bacterial or superficial fungal infections of the skin.

    Dosage & Administration:
    should be thinly and evenly applied to the affected area, two or three times a day with a gentle rub.

    1. Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
    2. Viral or tubercular infections of the skin.


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    Simple Kids Birthday party snacks ideas / Essentials/ List India/Return gift Ideas/Birthday Party Games

    Been arranging my kids birthday party for past certain years and have been improvising…

    Many moms will simply thank me.. 🙂 , I accept that in advance… 😉

    It was tough ..now learnt the trick… and lots of accolades too 🙂

    Here it goes how to start :

    1. Prepare list of kids , keep 5 columns – girls , boys , small below approx 2 yrs old kids(1yr 2yrs) , between (3yr and 8yr) more than 8 yr old kids , accompanying Moms/parents/Maid…Send invites , thru card or home card if you have creative child…OR just by phone…/ email…
    2. Things to bring..
    1. Cake – as per number of kids (approximation 12-15  pieces per kg for fresh cream cake)
    2. Decoration – ribbon , happy  birthday message , balloons , birthday knife , Candles of your choice.party caps , whistles.Toffees for main balloon.
    3. Disposable serving material : Small cake plate , Big snack and food plate , spoons for cake , spoons for snacks ,glasses, small bowls, Napkin paper, big polythenes with buckets/cartons for thrash.
    4. Big Plastic containers and boxes for snacks and reheatable containrers
    5. Return Gifts and Games gifts
      1. Depending on childs ages and gender (the five columns will help you there)
      2. Ideas : Pencil box
      3. Bubbles
      4. stationery
      5. Ludo/ snakes ladder
      6. ben ten watches
      7. kids girls jewellery
      8. Lunch boxes
      9. Crayons
      10. Water color
      11. activity book
      12. Roller Stamps
    6. Wrapping paper.
    7. Birthday music .
    8. Carpet / mats for many kids to sit
    9. Hand sanitizer at entrance
    10. Snacks : Your choice
      1. Sandwich – good amount butter ,thin sliced  tomato , cucumber , make from soft fresh bread , cut the sides
      2. Bread rolls , very small ones – use the remaining cut sides from sandwich and mix with boiled potatoes and your own masala/spices ..and fry it up
      3. Mini idlis with dal powder ghee and chutney – Simple ready dosa mix
      4. Wafers
      5. Popcorn – Act II , family pack
      6. cheeseballs
      7. Fryums
      8. I also keep rice pulao & chana for moms to come later to pickup (remember the five columns)
      9. Green Chutney
      10. Samosa if needed
      11. French fries – fry at home version
      12. burger – into half
      13. Cold drink
      14. Juice

    Tips , break up task in 3 days if possible ,

    1. like non perishable and shopping ..Day 1 evening/morning
    2. Decoration , boiling potatoes , buying bread,soaking Chana Cutting coriander , chilli , chutney etc.. Day 2 evening
    3. Prepare things in morning and put cling wrap and heat just before party..you see why I said plastic containers..Day 3
    4. keep furniture in side and put the mats..kids love free space , no tripping and parents sit there on sofa at side.Easy to clean later..Day 3
    5. Keep the cartons for kids to throw the used plates and glasses.(line the buckets and cartons with plastic to avoid wet spillage)Day 3
    6. popcorn just before party Day 3
    7. Arrange all serving ware…Day 3

    …There you go , get ready…Start the music

    let the kids come in …play the games …..and winners…

    Ok games  ideas:

    1. Passing the parcel
    2. Dance and stop with music
    3. Statue
    4. Musical chair – keep small one away they get pushed…
    5. Anything they like…
    6. And if you know some magic tricks…show your skills 😉

    I hope this concise and practical party arrange will help you…

    Do give feedbacks to improvise it more…

    Yeah I had kids of all age 1yr,2yr,3yr,4yr,5yr,6yr,7yr,8yr,9yr,10yr,11yr..so on for my kids birthday party…


    This is an addition , Suggestion from blogviewer : Vina : iyer_vinaya@yahoo.com

    Some ideas towards the menu…

    cutlets,cheese filled samosas ( the dough can be made of wheat flour instead of maida), dahi vada or other chat items…for juices.. i have tried fruit juice with some actual pieces of fruit.. some kids have liked it..

    one game that is always played during my daughter’s parties is to guess the number of chocolates in a bag.. the kid with the closest number gets the bag as the present..another game is pinning the donkey’s tail… i make them play in couples with one kid directing the other.. the best couple gets the prize.

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