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Brilliant Song on Indian Intelligent Way of Controlling Sexuality…thru taunts and scare..

Brilliant Song on Indian Intelligent Way of Controlling Sexuality…thru taunts and scare..Simple Small Effective Statements and acting thru multiple angles – Control Women , Continue Patriarchy , Aunties and Uncles as Guardians Of Patriarchy , Scare and fear of results , Giving Bad name…

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Shuddh Desi Romance

Dhoop mein nahayega toh dhoop lag jaayegi¬† (If you take bath in sun, you’ll get tanned,Obsession of Indian Society to Fairness crucial to getting married for girls)
Baatein yun banayega toh baat badh jaayegi( If you talk to much to boys or anything, girls will go out of control and may also fall in love , Any love marriages are not approved in India)
Ladki ghumayega toh lat lag jaayegi ( If you go out with a girl you will get the habit of dating , again not approved in India )

Chhori lipstick lagayegi toh bhoot ban jaayegi (If the girl puts on lipstick, she’ll look like a ghost – Chori-Unmarried girls Dont put lipstick it is western and also sexually provocative – Before marriage not allowed , but after marriage mandatory ūüėČ )
Sandalein chadhayegi toh oont ban jaayegi ( Girls should not be taller then men  and also you will look big and marrying after being adult is a problem , marry ASAP dont look older)
Phailti hai yahaan wahaan chhoot lag jaayegi (Spreading your Horizion here and there is bad sign , believe will not accept you , or you may even get raped and be untouchable finally)

Ho khidki dareeche se
Dabe paaon neeche se
Jhoote samaajon mein
Jhoote riwaajon mein
Liye hi jaaye koi chance

(Above:From some windows,
from under cover, in hiding,
in the false societies
and in false customs,
some keep taking their chances..)

Shuddh desi desi desi romance
Kameene haay re
Haay re crazy crazy vazy romance
Sharam naa aaye re

(Above : Pure countryside, Indian romance..
These kamine : mean and one who falls to any depth to get his things done type people!
Yeah, crazy-crazy romance..
They’re shameless..)

Hmmm… Galiyon mein phire
Kyun dikhe dukaanon-vukaanon mein
Ye mui belakhni
Haaye re mui belakhni

(Above : She wanders in streets,
Why is she seen in shops etc.,She goes out of Home, Women are supposed to be at Home all times
this damned adulteress,
this damned damned adulteress..

[Belakhni and belakhna would literally mean one who doesn’t have the ‘good character’ as per the societal norms.

Belakhni – Alokhi(Bangla) – Alakshmi [ksh – is called kha in , beLakhsmi , Alakshmi) – Social norm following and bringing dowry “”Good Girls”” are called Lakshmi In India . Alakshmi is the Opposite and Bad Sister of Lakshmi as per Mythology ]

belakhni would be the word for the girl and belakhna would be the word for the boy. The tone of belakhna/belakhni is casual, though the meaning is more or less an adulterer here.]

Haay re haay, collar toh bade
Yun chadhe giraaye, giraaye chale
Muaa belakhna
Haaye re muaa belakhna

(Above : see, collars are kept high,
and he walks while moving them down..
damned adulterer..
this damned damned adulterer..

Dar na dikhaoge toh par lag jaayenge
Armaan sulao ji, nahi toh jag jaayenge
Galiyon mein aashiqon ke jhund lag jaayenge

(If you don’t show them the fear, they’ll grow wings,
Make their wishes sleep, or else they’ll wake up..
There will be herds of lovers in streets..
[i.e. the common feeling of the society is that if you don’t keep your young boys and girls in control, all of them will be falling in love.Falling in love is sin – unholy act])

Abhi kachche aam hai ji, ye toh pak jaayenge
Badon chhupaya hai jo ye toh chakh jaayenge
Bade boodhe bade bade bol bol thak jaayenge

(As of now they are raw mangoes, they’ll be ripened
They’ll taste what the elders have hidden from them , Oxymoron: but they should be married early too oxymoron
The elders and old ones will be tired telling them..)

Ho khidki dareeche se
Dabe paaon neeche se
Jhoote samaajon mein
Jhoote riwaajon mein
Liye hi jaaye koi chance

Shuddh desi desi desi romance
Kameene haaye re
Haay re crazy crazy vazy romance
Sharam naa aaye re ….

I love this song , Nice depiction of  our society in simple lyrics or rather complex lyrics

Feel like adding one more Modern Line (Nonsense to control womens good health , ratehr give bad health), and educated science and biology students buy it ……

Weights Uthayegi to Dole Ban Jayenge … ( If you lift weight , you will bulk up) …Another Pure Unadulterated BS…..Aur/And Even a Woman wants to bulk up , its her choice..


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Corruption and we the people !!

I a valid citizen of India (as I have a genuine Voter id , Ration Card , Passport , Driving License and MOST IMPORTANT the PAN CARD , you know people don’t create one who have never paid a single rupee as¬†tax ….like your local grocery store , the shops , rich farmers who are in some shady jobs…)…

OK , My take on corruption ….. I hate it from the core of my heart I don’t want to pay any bribe , nor do I want black money,¬†I am against it, I am an honest person…But I have given bribe sometimes that is just like rare occasions…Yes I have …I am not ashamed of it..though I felt horrible while giving it….Still I support the INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION – FREEDOM MOVEMENT … Very Very Much… Reason…..

I am an educated person , I have values , I have heart , I have ONLY ONE LIFE……You will say “So what….”…If I dont give bribe , my lifestyle will be horrible , I and my family will be a beggar despite my talents , my earning and my respect in society like some famous freedom fighters whose family are living as daily wage workers…Imagine…My kids and future generation will then be simply not be educated or not educated properly and they will be just like other corrupt or other people who get wooed by politician for Rs 100 to vote for them,,,

Now that’s what is present… I strongly do not want that to be my future…SO THATS why I am supporting This MOVEMENT¬†by Anna¬†Hazare,¬†Kiran Bedi,Arvind Kejriwal¬†of all the times ……THIS MOVEMENT is gaining momentum …mind it..you cannot dismiss it as a feeble attempt where you don’t like corruption as well you like to condemn people and¬†thinking these¬†people standing against it are doing some futile stuff…MIND IT…If you think so and do not devote time to it and do not come to the streets or give support even though you can ..YOU ARE FUTILE…YOUR¬† LIFE IS FUTILE and you future generation is your product…enjoy!

Hong Kong was in a similar situation of rampant corruption in 1970s. People took to streets. The island was forced to set up an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) with functional autonomy, headed by men and women of merit, drawn from many disciplines. And it cleaned up the system. To begin with, they dismissed scores of top level cops. Today, Hong Kong is one of the most honest countries.

Its time to be having a “Tunisia” against a dictator called system.Be¬†it an individual or a group finally it dictates our right to be honest and our rights to not allow our motherland and ourselves stripped off¬†the wealth we generate by our hardwork and some¬†handful people simply take it¬†away with the help of the system..THE SYSTEM that is meant to FAIL intently…..

So we have to fight it …YOU (I mean all) should be part¬†of this movement ..If you are not part of it then you are¬†actually restricting us from getting the system rectified as only things can be achieved with a mass movement.if you are not involved you are deterrent to¬†it..in effect you are part¬†of the problem and the system.If we win the movement which I am sure we will¬†if we join in masses , then¬†you who if¬†doesn’t join will have no right to enjoy it…I will be ashamed of you and all the movement will be ashamed of you !! Imagine a person of age 78 is doing it for you what does he gain , he is already¬†towards the end of innings and I strongly want LONGEST life for him and you who is young cannot do it for yourself..Then it will be a real shame..

We are all brains of the country each one of us is one nerve of the brain and the system support to be our functions and support . EVEN if ONE nerve doesn’t¬†function we loose our brains that is :¬†OUR MOVEMENT…Thats why we need support from all and everyone…..

THIS IS A ONCE IN LIFE TIME OPPURTUNITY..REMEMBER THAT ..We have tried all the solutions none worked only this sure shot and final way…

I am sure the government will play a Known Game , they will promise¬†for the demands first¬†and then slowly delay it and let it become cool..SO THAT IS WHY WE NEED TO BE CONTINUING THIS MOVEMENT Until RESULTS COME OUT…

One person¬†said and that’s my¬†Strong¬† request too..: MY REQUEST TO ALL : PLEASE STAY FOCUSED !! There will be many things to stop the movement in political-bureaucratic-subtle-non_subtle-unethical-illogical-eyewash ways….. BE CLEAR , BE STUBBORN for the “CORRECT LOKPAL BILL”..¬†

If media which is now recognised as powerful , they will be bribed by Corrupt..and they will also not report this movement , So we are the media here , we the online bloggers, we the people , we by our word of mouth , we by our online and mobile communications …remember Our freedom fighters ..their newspapers were banned..here media can be bribed ..still they kept their movement hot …we have more ways ..Infact¬†we do no even have Military and Indian forces against us ..most of them will support us¬† for sure ! Be a sport JOIN and SPREAD the MOVEMENT like a wild-fire¬†…Ofcourse the system has made us wildfire…as they are the wild…;-)¬†

We have to focus on this issue of corruption and not on the person choice or¬†any activits¬†opinions¬†or comments on another aspects of Life etc..You may also have a different opinion on something social or political .Does that mean you cannot fight against corruption , ARE you Incapable activist ??? Thats what loses focus…

Another person said which I also echo  : Dishonest people in this Dishonest system will create Dishonest bills to create more Dishonest people and torture the honest people of India..Of course I was force to pay bribe to get my basic right despite I pay very high tax..

I feel ashamed of myself and my country people when we a worlds 2nd Biggest Population are not able to pressurize a handful bunch of corruption section and strip of us our rights and money …I face these questions whenever I meet other nationales..YES I FEEL ASHAMED..They were able to but not us !!

Our economy is also dependent on this ..everything … Your pocket hit due to price rise..!!

Foreign Investors are closely watching this movement , as India has been hit by serial scams.Some countries benefit from our present state , though they cannot control it but like things the way they are..


Ofcourse I am not a fake Indian unless I do not support this movement.

This is what Arvind Kejriwal explains the intently system : DO READ THIS !! 

A look at the structure of our anti-corruption system shows that there is not a single anti-corruption agency that is independent of the government or has the complete powers to take action.The CVC and CAG are independent but merely recommendatory. The government often ignores their advice.

CBI has powers but is completely dependent on the government for permissions for investigations and prosecutions. CBI’s lawyers are appointed by the Law ministry and report to it as well. That is the reason why everyone demands a Supreme Court monitored CBI investigation (as is the case in 2G spectrum).

Our anti-corruption systems have inherently and intently been kept flawed. Even the Lok Pal Bill pending since 1968 falls in the same category as it is also proposed to be a recommendatory body.IMAGINE…

 Please forward this Blog if I have been able to Inspire or atleast instigate you to join this freedom movement !! Please enable yourself to live a dignified life!!


Here are some Videos and Site for you to learn about Movement and join it !!


Stand for Anna Hazaare…


Another registration with Anna Hazare Movement Direct.


Also Do give a missed call to : 02261550789


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Would you celebrate Valentines Day In India ?

Do you think , we should not accept this festival of Love in the Land of Krishna and Radha and land which is pot of melting cultures. OR Do you think we should just shun off everything that is non Indian – including Foreign Investor Funds , Mobiles , English everything….DO POLL…!

Would you celebrate Valentines Day In India ?

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