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Stupid Interview Questions….

I guess there is not a single Hi-Tech employee, who hasn’t had the annoying experience of being interviewed by someone suffering from severe “asking disability”…In the majority of cases such an interview is made out of a bunch of annoying “logical” riddles, that have no relation whatsoever with the actual work to be done.

Next comes the Managerial Question . I was wondering why people ask some questions…Like when I was in my college ..A girl was asked ..Where would you see yourself in next 5 yrs…She answered ..In your seat..The Interviewer got angry..said ” It took me 20 yrs to reach here..”..Probably the girl was right ..His Question shows how the interview took 20 yrs to reach that stage…he he he…

Read this …

Where do you see yourself in five years?

If you were an animal/a can of soup/some other random object, which one would you be?

What are your weaknesses?

What in particular interested you about our company?

What would your past managers say about you?

and how you can answer them …


Comeon Buck Up interviewers ..get some nice real questions….
Interview is a 2 way process where you inform on your skills and get info on their offering..If it happens one way…then …gone…


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Would you celebrate Valentines Day In India ?

Do you think , we should not accept this festival of Love in the Land of Krishna and Radha and land which is pot of melting cultures. OR Do you think we should just shun off everything that is non Indian – including Foreign Investor Funds , Mobiles , English everything….DO POLL…!

Would you celebrate Valentines Day In India ?

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Analysis of an Indian Matrimonial Advertisement Content ..

I saw this ad in newspaper one day , just for fun .. and it was real fun .

Wanted Bride Homely , Working in MNC  , Well Convent Educated ,From a good financial background, Know how to manage and do all house work from good family.Should be Beautiful , fair , tall (at least 5’4″) slim for a XXXXXX caste boy, 24 yr old  5, 7″ height working in XXXX company for past 1 yr earning 15K per month.

Analysis you will love…

  • He is just working for a year expecting his wife to be working so he is ok with an elder wife.
  • He is himself not working for MNC , but still looking for one…;-)
  • He is Looking for Dowry : good financial background.
  • He wants a wife who will toil at home as well as office , doing all household work.
  • He wants a nice beautiful women at night , with all beauty in her..No flaws ..eh ?
  • Tall ? Model …Looks like you have seen lots of Pagents …

The analysis….Looking for a super woman , all the qualities , Do you have all ?If she doesn’t then she will be taunted …

They look for highly educated+beauty queen+domestic goddess..

Looking for a what “GOD” ??? Who can do everything , And what are you GROOM ??Does your sister OR mother has all those quality, THINK AGAIN !

Updated :
Check out the latest song from Mere Brother ki Dulhan…It perfectly fits the matrimonial ad…nice spoof on matrimonial ads… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OC3FPb3CTU
Matrimonial si aankhein, sabko ab taake jaake
Matrimonial si aankhein, dhoondhe re chehre baanke
(matrimonial si aankhein)

Sundar ho susheela, rang chaandi sa chamkeela
Degree bhi ho fashin bhi jaane (soniye)

Ho Seeta jaise naari aur jaane duniya daari
Piya ko sab kuch hi woh maane
Dil se Dilli ho woh dhadkan se London
Dhoondu mein dhoondu, mere brother ki dulhan

Matrimonial si aankhein, sabko ab taake jaake
Matrimonial si aankhein, dhoondhe re chehre baanke

Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan
mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan

Kaam mein jo na ho lazy
Ho jis mein 3G ki tezzi
Aur ho chhok si adaa (soniye)
Relation samjhe jo ladki, rahe na ego mein badki
Jo laaye good luck hi good luck hi sadaa
Hai toh responsibility, phir bhi iss mein hum
Dhoondu mein dhoondu, mere brother ki dulhan

Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan


God knows when people will look for real people for marriage…

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