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Two wheeler Review ,TVS wego or Honda activa or Scooty Streak or Mahindra Duro

So my SCOOTER GURU had her exams , she was not available…Hmmm…..
Anyways I was in mode of searching for my perfect 2 wheeler…
So I compared three heavy duty scooters with best options and service and sales and price and features and technical specs….and the Styling…Didnt go for scooty…How does it matter 96 kgs or 110kg…both are equal for a non muscular person…. , ha ha ha , so better take a sturdy metal body and planted one …

They were Mahindra Duro , Honda Activa and the Brand new launched TVS Wego …..

Mahindra Duro was first to go off the list … need not even discuss the things … Not much impact on market over Honda…Whereas Wego has already started eating the share of Activa…

Styling :TVS the winner , modern and unisex design …Edgy…Sharp cuts…Activa horrible looks even the new refresh…But the most oldest and most selling in market…

Engine wise : Activa and TVS both are equally good.TVS Riding without a pillion, I felt that the scooter had a decent level of pickup and acceleration;

Body : Both Metal body…and heavy for that planted feeling on the road…

Wheels : TVS has bigger and alloy wheels of 12 ” and broader too than Activa or duro…That is 90/90-12…( this numbering, well you need to understand what it means..check on web..Its just I know)
Better manoeuvring ..

Balance : Definitely Wego , it has a Body balance Tech…Unlike Activa that wobbles with 2 riders.

Tyres : here Activa wins , it has the tuff-up tyres that is puncture resistance , where in case of puncture a chemical is released to stop the puncture there and then itself , not with Wego….

Price :Rates are same for Activa and Wego , but Wego is somewhat cheaper once we go for accessories , as Most of the accessories are free with Wego…

Sales : No wait for Wego where as Activa sales people are rude and xyz….

Service : Servicing is cheaper for TVS, supposedly…

Features : easy center stand , I love it in Wego…
other features : <o:p></o:p>

  • Easy Slide Stand<o:p></o:p>
  • 12 Inch alloy wheels<o:p></o:p>
  • Telescopic suspension in front<o:p></o:p>
  • LED tail lamp with optical glow<o:p></o:p>
  • Balancing features like Font-side center of gravity<o:p></o:p>
  • short turning radius

TVS doesn’t mention low noise engine remarkable characteristic in any of the ads of the Wego, the company seems to follow a policy of ‘Promise less, Deliver more’. it was really hard to compare it to my GURU’s Honda Activa I rode later that day simply because of the lack of engine noise.

The Verdict: The Wego is definitely an impressive machine; it’s got some really appealing looks especially in that White color( ofcourse which I bought), sporty handling, good ride comfort, lots of storage space, mileage, and best of all, refinement.It is one of the best in it 110CC class…

So I chose TVS WEGO….Here “WeGo“…………..Vroom ….Vrooom….


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